• Conserve environmental resources by incorporating environmental protection and rehabilitation during planning stage and project implementation
  • Engage proactively with Government Agencies, the community, and all stakeholders to strictly abide to environmental regulations, laws, and community standards
  • Maintain a chemical free operation at Lucky Shot Mill


  • Perform responsible, and safe extraction and utilization of the available mineral resources, providing jobs and a tax base for local communities
  • Inform local stakeholders of mining plans and programs, allowing for open communication and feedback regarding safety and environmental policies
  • Maintain respect and deference to the culture and heritage of the local communities


  • Actively pursue dialog and understanding with the partner communities and other stakeholders in the management of community-based resources
  • Provide consultation to partner communities concerning the company's plans and ongoing programs
  • Maintain a high standard for self governance, including high transparency of dealings through independent auditing and compliance


  • Provide returns for the community and shareholders in a socially and environmentally responsible manner
  • Provide jobs for local communities
  • Provide a tax base for the state and local governments