Work completed at the mill site to date includes:

·      Conceptual design of the gold recovery plant (= mill), preliminary design and engineering of the plant, metallurgical test work of ore material, detailed engineering and design of the plant and construction drawings and equipment selection engineering.

·      A 30-acre parcel of private land was acquired.

·      A subsurface engineering test program was undertaken to dig test pits, establish material type, drill 4 groundwater monitoring wells, and provide construction recommendations.

·      About 10 acres of the parcel was cleared of trees and soil and overlain with gravel.

·      A security berm was constructed along the front access to the property.

·      A security fence was erected.

·      A small office trailer was leased and installed.

·      A 130 ft x 150 ft area was selected and subsoil removed, conditioned, reinstalled and compacted to form the mill building foundation.

·      A 120 ft x 140 ft concrete slab was poured with rebar and other inserts for wiring access.

·      A new pre-engineered metal clad building was purchased and shipped to sire.

·      The metal building was erected and insulated.

·      A septic system was designed and built.

·      A water well was drilled, tested, and plumped with a pump and pipeline to the building.

·      Access to the local power company line near the entrance to the site was secured.

·      Engineering and completion of detailed construction drawing for the interior layout of the mill equipment was undertaken.

·      A list of equipment to be purchased for the interior was compiled and at least two independent price quotations solicited from suppliers.

·      A new pre-engineered mezzanine level structural steel and decking for inside the building was designed, purchased and shipped to site.

·      An ore storage Quonset building 100 ft x 40 ft was purchased and shipped to site.

·      The site was surveyed to establish the property corners, locations of wells, and building location, parking lot areas, other structural elements.

·      A safety program was designed and implemented.