Work completed at the mine site to date includes:

·      800 feet of underground rehabilitation of the Enserch Adit has been completed with the existing 9 ft x 9 ft opening increased to a 12 ft x 12 ft one.  A mining contractor was hired to do the adit enlargement.

·      The portal area has been enlarged with fill material and approximately 1000 feet of road access to the portal has been improved including construction of berms and widening of the running surface to accommodate larger equipment.

·      The man-camp has been leased from the owner and a new diesel fired generator has been installed to provide power.

·      At the portal, several portable connex containers have been installed and tools, parts, and supplied fitted in them.

·      A guard shack has been erected at the entrance to the portal area to control access.

·      A new portal ventilation access was excavated and a ventilation fan and fan bagging installed.

·      A heavy equipment repair area was refurbished in the old Enserch mill building.  This building will not be used for milling but rather to repair large equipment.

·      An avalanche control plan was engineered.

·      A geotechnical study was completed to address ground support plans and rock bolting underground.

·      A rock dump near the portal is being constructed from the waste rock from the adit enlargement.

·      A 400kw generator has been purchased and installed at the portal for electrical power during the startup period.

·      A compressor, portable refuse station, and a small project office were installed near the portal.

·      A used 988 CAT front end loader was purchased for work at the portal including future ore loading and snow removal during winter.

·      MSHA plans and submittals were completed and made to the federal agency and approved for operation.

·      A detailed design was engineered and completed for a 2800 feet ramp from the enlarged Enserch adit at a run rate of 15% up approximately 300 vertical feet to the Coleman ore deposit.

·      A service company was hired to provide camp cooking and cleaning services for the underground miners.

·      A 2.2 cu yd underground loader wad refurbished and brought into good working order.

·      A new small equipment repair shop 40 ft x 60 ft fabric structure was ordered and shipped to the project and at the portal area a cement slab poured for the structure to sit on.

·      A series of mine-related electrical switch gears, transformers and distribution equipment items were purchased in used condition and are undergoing a refurbishment by a contractor in Salt Lake City.

·      A list of mine and mechanic new tools and supplies were purchased.

·      A used, good condition ATCO change house building was purchased and installed near the man-camp for underground miners to use including lockers and furnishments.

·      A diesel fuel storage tank was purchased and installed at the mine portal area.

·      Two blasting powder magazines were leased from the supplier and located near the portal.

·       A drill hole was dug into the Murphy vein block to assess the geologic model integrity of the structure.

·      A safety plan was designed and implemented.

·      A portable radio system was purchased.

·      Fuel was purchased for use at the mine.

·      4 pickup trucks, a used flatbed truck, 2 used suburbans, two 2 ton pickup trucks fitted with diesel fuel tanks and a used sand truck for road maintenance were purchased.

·      Through a contract miner, rented two 4 cu yd underground loaders, 1 jumbo drill, a temporary ventilation fan, electrical generator, and misc smaller equipment,  tools and supplies.

·      Two large air compressors were purchased – used in very good conditions with low hours.