2017 Construction Underway

The project is divided into two sites and construction is underway at both: Mine and Plant.  The Mine Site activities involve re-entering the existing Enserch Adit which will be enlarged to allow larger mechanized equipment. About midway into the current adit a new 14% inclined ramp is being driven up to the Coleman ore reserve area. This activity is expected to take about 8 months.  Mine equipment, supplies and manpower are being organized and a mining contractor has been hired to complete the development of the ramp.

10 26 mill.jpg

The Plant Site is private land under a major electrical power line. The two-story plant building is 160 feet long x 120 feet wide with a 35 foot eave hight.  The foundation work  and a concrete slab is completed.  The pre-fab metal building arrived on site and is being erected.  The building main structures and steel roof has already been completed.  The building will be completed with insulated siding and doors so that the mill plant can be outfitted with components including the rock crushing system, about 60 tall spirals, ten vibrating tables, and a refinery during the winter season. 

Mine Portal Refurbishment Underway

Mine Portal Refurbishment Underway