Construction Status

The project is divided into two sites and construction is underway at both: mine and mill (some 30 miles away from the mine). 

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Mill Site - The mill site is located on a parcel of private land that Gold Torrent acquired adjacent to the Matanuska Electric Association, Inc. transmission power line.  Line power will be used for energy in the gold recovery plant (mill).  The parcel is located on Parks Highway some 6 mines north of Willow, Alaska.  The ore will be hauled on state roads from the mine site to the mill site using over the road haulage trucks. A new gold recovery plant building is already under construction on the site including a concrete slab and a metal frame pre-engineered two story building that has been erected (160 feet long x 120 feet wide with a 35 foot eave hight), insulated.

Please click here to see a detailed list of mill site work completed.


Mine Site - The mine site activities involve re-entering the existing Enserch Adit which will be enlarged to allow larger mechanized equipment. About midway into the current adit a new 2,200 foot long, 14% inclined ramp is planned to be driven up to the Coleman ore reserve area. This activity is expected to take about 8 months.  Mine equipment, supplies and manpower are being organized and a mining contractor has been hired to complete the development of the ramp.

Please click here to see a detailed list of mine site work completed.